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O. R. Tambo International Airport – JNB, is a major international airport in Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng, South Africa, near the city of Johannesburg and, to a lesser extent, the executive capital Pretoria. It serves as the primary airport for domestic and international travel to/from South Africa and is Africa’s busiest airport with a capacity to handle up to 28 million passengers annually with non-stop flights to all continents except Antarctica. The airport is the hub of South Africa’s largest international and domestic carrier, South African Airways (SAA), and a number of smaller local airlines.

Cheap Flights Johanesburg, Cape Town - South Africa

To Johannesburg

Origin - DestinationTrip classStopsFound atFind tickets
Durban ↔ JohannesburgEconomyDirect17.01.2021Tickets from 53
Cape Town ↔ JohannesburgEconomyDirect16.01.2021Tickets from 65
Port Elizabeth ↔ JohannesburgEconomyDirect18.01.2021Tickets from 67
George ↔ JohannesburgEconomyDirect16.01.2021Tickets from 104
Pietermaritzburg ↔ JohannesburgEconomyDirect15.01.2021Tickets from 188
Harare ↔ JohannesburgEconomyDirect17.01.2021Tickets from 246
Bulawayo ↔ JohannesburgEconomyDirect18.01.2021Tickets from 276
Dar Es Salaam ↔ JohannesburgEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 357
Lusaka ↔ JohannesburgEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 368
Accra ↔ JohannesburgEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 449
Cairo ↔ JohannesburgEconomy1 Stop15.01.2021Tickets from 460
Lagos ↔ JohannesburgEconomy1 Stop15.01.2021Tickets from 490
Amsterdam ↔ JohannesburgEconomy1 Stop14.01.2021Tickets from 553
Kinshasa ↔ JohannesburgEconomy1 Stop18.01.2021Tickets from 575
Stuttgart ↔ JohannesburgEconomy2 Stops16.01.2021Tickets from 600
Moscow ↔ JohannesburgEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 611
New York ↔ JohannesburgEconomy1 Stop14.01.2021Tickets from 639
Islamabad ↔ JohannesburgEconomy2 Stops14.01.2021Tickets from 642
Zagreb ↔ JohannesburgEconomy1 Stop15.01.2021Tickets from 682
Istanbul ↔ JohannesburgEconomy1 Stop15.01.2021Tickets from 688

To Cape Town

Origin - DestinationTrip classStopsFound atFind tickets
Johannesburg ↔ Cape TownEconomyDirect16.01.2021Tickets from 65
Durban ↔ Cape TownEconomyDirect17.01.2021Tickets from 76
East London ↔ Cape TownEconomyDirect14.01.2021Tickets from 141
George ↔ Cape TownEconomyDirect16.01.2021Tickets from 151
Harare ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 370
Dar Es Salaam ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 421
Lusaka ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 473
Nairobi ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop14.01.2021Tickets from 494
Lagos ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 513
Zanzibar ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop18.01.2021Tickets from 551
Paris ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 580
Moscow ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 601
Berlin ↔ Cape TownEconomy2 Stops16.01.2021Tickets from 602
Cotonou ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 608
London ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 609
Amsterdam ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 609
Dubai ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 609
Brussels ↔ Cape TownEconomy2 Stops16.01.2021Tickets from 613
Frankfurt ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 629
Munich ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 641

From Johannesburg

Origin - DestinationTrip classStopsFound atFind tickets
Johannesburg ↔ DurbanEconomyDirect17.01.2021Tickets from 54
Johannesburg ↔ Port ElizabethEconomyDirect16.01.2021Tickets from 56
Johannesburg ↔ Cape TownEconomyDirect16.01.2021Tickets from 65
Johannesburg ↔ GeorgeEconomyDirect14.01.2021Tickets from 74
Johannesburg ↔ East LondonEconomyDirect18.01.2021Tickets from 74
Johannesburg ↔ PietermaritzburgEconomyDirect18.01.2021Tickets from 127
Johannesburg ↔ NelspruitEconomyDirect16.01.2021Tickets from 138
Johannesburg ↔ GaboroneEconomyDirect17.01.2021Tickets from 164
Johannesburg ↔ HoedspruitEconomyDirect16.01.2021Tickets from 189
Johannesburg ↔ WindhoekEconomyDirect17.01.2021Tickets from 209
Johannesburg ↔ MaputoEconomyDirect15.01.2021Tickets from 225
Johannesburg ↔ BulawayoEconomyDirect17.01.2021Tickets from 229
Johannesburg ↔ EntebbeEconomy1 Stop14.01.2021Tickets from 291
Johannesburg ↔ LusakaEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 293
Johannesburg ↔ BeiraEconomy1 Stop14.01.2021Tickets from 302
Johannesburg ↔ Walvis BayEconomyDirect17.01.2021Tickets from 314
Johannesburg ↔ DubaiEconomy1 Stop18.01.2021Tickets from 361
Johannesburg ↔ ZanzibarEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 387
Johannesburg ↔ MilanEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 394
Johannesburg ↔ BangkokEconomy1 Stop18.01.2021Tickets from 410
Johannesburg ↔ Mahe IslandEconomy1 Stop15.01.2021Tickets from 410
Johannesburg ↔ MaunEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 416
Johannesburg ↔ MumbaiEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 417
Johannesburg ↔ RomeEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 423
Johannesburg ↔ AthensEconomy1 Stop15.01.2021Tickets from 438
Johannesburg ↔ LivingstoneEconomyDirect17.01.2021Tickets from 451
Johannesburg ↔ LondonEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 476
Johannesburg ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 482
Johannesburg ↔ BarcelonaEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 493
Johannesburg ↔ ParisEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 514
Johannesburg ↔ MuscatEconomy2 Stops16.01.2021Tickets from 515
Johannesburg ↔ IstanbulEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 528
Johannesburg ↔ Victoria FallsEconomy1 Stop18.01.2021Tickets from 540
Johannesburg ↔ PhuketEconomy2 Stops16.01.2021Tickets from 551
Johannesburg ↔ EdinburghEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 582
Johannesburg ↔ SingaporeEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 602
Johannesburg ↔ Palma MallorcaEconomy2 Stops16.01.2021Tickets from 602
Johannesburg ↔ Kuala LumpurEconomy2 Stops16.01.2021Tickets from 638
Johannesburg ↔ DenpasarEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 680
Johannesburg ↔ OrlandoEconomy2 Stops16.01.2021Tickets from 716
Johannesburg ↔ Koh SamuiEconomy2 Stops16.01.2021Tickets from 726
Johannesburg ↔ SharjahEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 726
Johannesburg ↔ GuangzhouEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 762
Johannesburg ↔ HyderabadEconomy2 Stops17.01.2021Tickets from 805
Johannesburg ↔ Saint PetersburgEconomy1 Stop15.01.2021Tickets from 867
Johannesburg ↔ CancunEconomy2 Stops16.01.2021Tickets from 910
Johannesburg ↔ Rio De JaneiroEconomy2 Stops16.01.2021Tickets from 983
Johannesburg ↔ FreetownEconomy2 Stops15.01.2021Tickets from 994
Johannesburg ↔ OntarioEconomy2 Stops16.01.2021Tickets from 1 177
Johannesburg ↔ TampaEconomy2 Stops18.01.2021Tickets from 1 247

From Cape Town

Origin - DestinationTrip classStopsFound atFind tickets
Cape Town ↔ JohannesburgEconomyDirect16.01.2021Tickets from 65
Cape Town ↔ DurbanEconomyDirect16.01.2021Tickets from 76
Cape Town ↔ Port ElizabethEconomyDirect17.01.2021Tickets from 115
Cape Town ↔ East LondonEconomyDirect15.01.2021Tickets from 126
Cape Town ↔ BloemfonteinEconomyDirect16.01.2021Tickets from 170
Cape Town ↔ WindhoekEconomyDirect15.01.2021Tickets from 248
Cape Town ↔ NelspruitEconomy1 Stop17.01.2021Tickets from 263
Cape Town ↔ HoedspruitEconomy1 Stop15.01.2021Tickets from 310
Cape Town ↔ LivingstoneEconomy1 Stop15.01.2021Tickets from 334
Cape Town ↔ Victoria FallsEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 351
Cape Town ↔ PolokwaneEconomy1 Stop14.01.2021Tickets from 360
Cape Town ↔ UmtataEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 364
Cape Town ↔ MaputoEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 374
Cape Town ↔ MauritiusEconomy1 Stop14.01.2021Tickets from 400
Cape Town ↔ VilanculosEconomy2 Stops16.01.2021Tickets from 501
Cape Town ↔ LusakaEconomy1 Stop16.01.2021Tickets from 504
Cape Town ↔ ZanzibarEconomy1 Stop15.01.2021Tickets from 507
Cape Town ↔ Mahe IslandEconomy1 Stop15.01.2021Tickets from 566
Cape Town ↔ LondonEconomy1 Stop14.01.2021Tickets from 585
Cape Town ↔ KasaneEconomy2 Stops14.01.2021Tickets from 633

Hotel Deals - South Africa


HotelStarsRatingPrice before discountDiscountPrice per nightSelect dates
Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel, Sandton Johannesburg★★★★8.7View hotel
Hilton Sandton★★★★★8.8166 -8%153 View hotel
Signature Lux Hotel By ONOMO, Sandton★★★8View hotel
Die Agterplaas Bed and Breakfast★★★9.2View hotel
B&B on 8th Avenue★★★9.6View hotel
Garden Court Sandton City★★★8.5View hotel
Hoeveld House★★★★9.5View hotel
Orangerie Guest House★★★9.6View hotel
DAVINCI Hotel on Nelson Mandela Square★★★★★9.2331 -31%228 View hotel
Indaba Hotel, Spa & Conference Center★★★★8.6148 -22%114 View hotel
Little Tuscany Boutique Hotel★★★★9.1View hotel
Sandton Sun★★★★★9.2View hotel
Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff★★★★★9.31 819 -12%1 595 View hotel
Palazzo★★★★★9.3View hotel
Moonflower Cottages9.1View hotel
Five A Morris★★★★9.2View hotel
Arum Place Guest House★★★★9.2View hotel
Jubilee Lodge Guest House★★★★9.5View hotel
Northcliff Manor Guesthouse★★★★9.6View hotel
Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton, Johannesburg★★★★★8.4173 -9%158 View hotel

Cape Town

HotelStarsRatingPrice before discountDiscountPrice per nightSelect dates
Taj Cape Town★★★★★9.1130 -23%100 View hotel
President Hotel★★★★8.694 -31%65 View hotel
91 Loop Boutique Hostel8.9View hotel
Cape Town Lodge Hotel★★★★8.5View hotel
The Westin Cape Town★★★★★9.1149 -31%102 View hotel
Radisson RED Hotel V&A Waterfront Cape Town★★★8.9115 -46%63 View hotel
Vineyard Hotel★★★★9.1216 -26%160 View hotel
Hotel Verde Cape Town International Airport★★★★8.9View hotel
Dunvegan Lodge★★★9.6View hotel
Pepperclub Hotel★★★★★8.988 -13%76 View hotel
The Glen Boutique Hotel & Spa★★★★★9.4View hotel
3 on Roux★★★9.6View hotel
Lagoon Beach Hotel & Spa★★★★8.290 -29%64 View hotel
Victoria & Alfred Hotel★★★★9479 -58%200 View hotel
Harbourview Lodge★★★★9.4View hotel
Signature Lux Hotel by ONOMO, Waterfront★★★8.9102 -8%94 View hotel
Cape Heritage Hotel★★★★9.5112 -40%67 View hotel
Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, Cape Town★★★★★8.9232 -57%99 View hotel
La Rose B&B★★★9.2View hotel
Molo Lolo Lodge★★★★9.4View hotel


HotelStarsRatingPrice before discountDiscountPrice per nightSelect dates
Bed And Breakfast In Waterkloof★★★9.7View hotel
Duke & Duchess Boutique Hotel★★★★9.4View hotel
The Capital Menlyn Maine★★★★★8.9View hotel
Brooklyn Manor★★★★9.8View hotel
Akanani Apartments9.3View hotel
Sheraton Pretoria Hotel★★★★★8.7View hotel
Goodey's Guesthouse★★★★9.4View hotel
Hudson House★★★★9.4View hotel
La Maison d'Hotes★★★★9.2View hotel
Bed & Breakfast in Hatfield★★★★9.3View hotel
Green Valley Lodge★★★8.9View hotel
Touch of Class Guest House9.6View hotel
Fa'Trez Guest House & Spa★★★★9.7View hotel
Mont d'Or Bohemian House★★★★★9.6View hotel
Dinkwe Guest House★★★★9.4View hotel
Foreigners Friend Guest House★★★★9.5View hotel
Villa Sterne Boutique Hotel & Health Spa★★★★★9View hotel
Absolute Farenden Apartments9.2View hotel
Sierra Burgers Park Hotel★★★8.7View hotel
Menlyn Boutique Hotel★★★★★9.1View hotel


HotelStarsRatingPrice before discountDiscountPrice per nightSelect dates
Hilton Durban★★★★★8.7View hotel
Belaire Suites Hotel★★★★8.6View hotel
Blue Waters Hotel★★★★8.1View hotel
Gibela Backpackers Lodge Durban★★9.5View hotel
The Riverside Hotel★★★★8.5View hotel
Holland House B&B★★★9.6View hotel
Duikersfontein Bed And Breakfast★★★★9.4View hotel
The Benjamin Hotel on Florida Road★★★★8.9View hotel
Khanyakude Self-Catering Accommodation★★★★9.5View hotel
Garden Court Marine Parade8.5View hotel
The Palms Bed and Breakfast★★★9.3View hotel
Terebinte Self Catering B&B★★★9.1View hotel
ONOMO Hotel Durban★★★8.4View hotel
Quarters Hotel★★★★8.9View hotel
Coastlands Musgrave Hotel★★★★8.3View hotel
Westville Bed and Breakfast★★★★★9.3View hotel
Quarters Avondale Road8.8View hotel
Smiths Cottage9.4View hotel
AmmaZulu African Palace★★★★★9.3View hotel
Coweys Corner★★★★8.7View hotel
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