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Addis Ababa Bole International AirportADD, is in the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is located in the Bole area, 6 km (3.7 mi) southeast of the city centre and 65 km (40 mi) north of Debre Zeyit. The airport was formerly known as Haile Selassie I International Airport. It is the main hub of Ethiopian Airlines, the national airline that serves destinations in Ethiopia and throughout the African continent, as well as nonstop service to Asia, Europe, North America and South America. The airport is also the base of the Ethiopian Aviation Academy. As of June 2018, nearly 450 flights per day were departing from and arriving at the airport.

Tourist destinations include Ethiopia’s collection of national parks (including Semien Mountains National Park), and historic sites, such as the cities of Axum, Lalibela, Gondar, Negash Mosque, Sof `Umer Washa, and Harar Jugol.

Ethiopia currently has 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites:

Cheap Flights to Addis Ababa - Ethiopia

Addis Ababa

Origin - DestinationTrip classStopsFound atFind tickets
Bahar Dar ↔ Addis AbabaEconomyDirect04.08.2021Tickets from 192
Khartoum ↔ Addis AbabaEconomyDirect03.08.2021Tickets from 362
Cairo ↔ Addis AbabaEconomyDirect31.07.2021Tickets from 371
Dar Es Salaam ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy2 Stops03.08.2021Tickets from 402
Tel Aviv-Yafo ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy1 Stop05.08.2021Tickets from 409
Istanbul ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy1 Stop05.08.2021Tickets from 430
Dubai ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy1 Stop01.08.2021Tickets from 453
Lusaka ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy2 Stops05.08.2021Tickets from 463
Paris ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy1 Stop01.08.2021Tickets from 516
Moscow ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy1 Stop03.08.2021Tickets from 530
Abu Dhabi ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy1 Stop01.08.2021Tickets from 534
Copenhagen ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy1 Stop03.08.2021Tickets from 672
Zanzibar ↔ Addis AbabaEconomyDirect05.08.2021Tickets from 673
Yaounde ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy2 Stops31.07.2021Tickets from 685
Manchester ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy1 Stop30.07.2021Tickets from 734
Goma ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy1 Stop04.08.2021Tickets from 745
Belgrade ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy1 Stop05.08.2021Tickets from 767
Gothenburg ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy1 Stop31.07.2021Tickets from 800
Stavropol ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy2 Stops03.08.2021Tickets from 880
Krasnodar ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy2 Stops30.07.2021Tickets from 920
Stockholm ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy2 Stops01.08.2021Tickets from 948
Saint Petersburg ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy2 Stops31.07.2021Tickets from 1 014
Barnaul ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy2 Stops04.08.2021Tickets from 1 089
Casablanca ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy1 Stop01.08.2021Tickets from 1 096
Islamabad ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy2 Stops30.07.2021Tickets from 1 166
Luanda ↔ Addis AbabaEconomy1 Stop04.08.2021Tickets from 1 718

Addis Ababa

Origin - DestinationTrip classStopsFound atFind tickets
Addis Ababa ↔ Bahar DarEconomyDirect03.08.2021Tickets from 187
Addis Ababa ↔ Dire DawaEconomyDirect30.07.2021Tickets from 187
Addis Ababa ↔ AsosaEconomyDirect05.08.2021Tickets from 253
Addis Ababa ↔ DjiboutiEconomy1 Stop04.08.2021Tickets from 264
Addis Ababa ↔ KigaliEconomy1 Stop03.08.2021Tickets from 398
Addis Ababa ↔ DubaiEconomy1 Stop05.08.2021Tickets from 403
Addis Ababa ↔ Mahe IslandEconomy1 Stop31.07.2021Tickets from 461
Addis Ababa ↔ Cape TownEconomy1 Stop03.08.2021Tickets from 484
Addis Ababa ↔ IstanbulEconomy1 Stop02.08.2021Tickets from 501
Addis Ababa ↔ ZanzibarEconomyDirect03.08.2021Tickets from 563
Addis Ababa ↔ MilanEconomy1 Stop30.07.2021Tickets from 579
Addis Ababa ↔ LilongweEconomy1 Stop04.08.2021Tickets from 786
Addis Ababa ↔ Palma MallorcaEconomy2 Stops31.07.2021Tickets from 788
Addis Ababa ↔ OsloEconomy1 Stop31.07.2021Tickets from 800
Addis Ababa ↔ MaputoEconomyDirect03.08.2021Tickets from 843
Addis Ababa ↔ MoroniEconomyDirect30.07.2021Tickets from 845
Addis Ababa ↔ KarachiEconomy1 Stop04.08.2021Tickets from 917
Addis Ababa ↔ MakhachkalaEconomy3 Stops04.08.2021Tickets from 963
Addis Ababa ↔ WashingtonEconomy1 Stop31.07.2021Tickets from 981
Addis Ababa ↔ CalgaryEconomy2 Stops02.08.2021Tickets from 1 406
Addis Ababa ↔ Los AngelesEconomy2 Stops02.08.2021Tickets from 1 445
Addis Ababa ↔ TorontoEconomy2 Stops04.08.2021Tickets from 1 523
Addis Ababa ↔ DakarEconomy2 Stops05.08.2021Tickets from 3 992

Hotel Deals in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Hotels

HotelStarsRatingPrice before discountDiscountPrice per nightSelect dates
Sidra International Hotel★★★★8.7406 -16%340 View hotel
Denver Boutique Hotel8.8View hotel
Reliance Hotel Apartment★★★★8.7View hotel
Hotel Lobelia★★★8.4View hotel
Kaleb Hotel★★★★8.5View hotel
Radisson Blu Hotel, Addis Ababa★★★★★8.7981 -12%867 View hotel
Jupiter International Hotel – Cazanchis★★★★8.5801 -21%630 View hotel
Wassamar Hotel★★★★8.5View hotel
Sheraton Addis, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Addis Ababa★★★★★92 432 -9%2 203 View hotel
Sapphire Addis Hotel8.3View hotel
Hyatt Regency Addis Ababa★★★★★8.7View hotel
Ramada Addis, Addis Ababa★★★★8.3609 -12%533 View hotel
Capital Hotel and Spa★★★★★8.3View hotel
Ethiopian Skylight Hotel★★★★★8.6View hotel
Jupiter International Hotel – Bole★★★★8.4View hotel
Getfam Hotel★★★★★8.3View hotel
Best Western Plus Addis Ababa8.3View hotel
Golden Tulip Addis Ababa★★★★★8.4693 -9%628 View hotel
Caravan Hotel8.1View hotel
Marriott Executive Apartments Addis Ababa8.61 440 -17%1 201 View hotel
Swiss Inn Nexus Hotel★★★★8.1View hotel
Belle Vue Hotel and Spa★★★★8.1430 -6%405 View hotel
Saro Maria Hotel★★★★8.1View hotel
The Residence Suite Hotel7.9View hotel
Monarch Hotel7.9View hotel
Keba Guesthouse★★7.9View hotel
Wudasie Castle Hotel7.8View hotel
Elilly International Hotel7.9View hotel
Nazra Hotel Addis Ababa7.8View hotel
Aphrodite International Hotel7.8View hotel
Hilton Addis Ababa★★★★★7.7View hotel
AG Palace Hotel★★★7.5View hotel
Oasis Hotel Apartment★★★6.8View hotel
Harmony Hotel★★★★7.6394 -26%293 View hotel
Sarem International Hotel7.5View hotel
GHION HOTEL★★★6.9View hotel
Azzeman Hotel★★★★7.6View hotel
Friendship International Hotel7.5View hotel
Soramba Hotel7.5View hotel
Ambassador Hotel★★★★7.2388 -28%280 View hotel
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